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Our projects

Entrepreneurship in itself is by definition a social activity. But by the term social entrepreneurship we mean more than striving for profit and continuity. It also means freeing up money/resources and/or time for activities that make a positive contribution to our society.

Wire Furniture has chosen to financially support five projects.

PSV  Water polo

A creative form of sponsoring was chosen in consultation with PSV water polo. Members connect potential customers with Wire Furniture.  Part of the possible turnover resulting from these contacts will go back to PSV Water Polo.

In this way you as an association can influence your sponsor contribution yourself. The first sponsorship money is  already in for PSV water polo.

So you see that there are more roads to Rome.

Schermafbeelding 2021-08-04 om 08.49.18.png

Ashleigh's place foundation  South Africa

Ashleigh's Place South Africa Foundation,  Apsa in short, is a foundation that aims to give underprivileged children in South Africa a future. The current project that requires a lot of help is to build an orphanage, a warm home, for six children. Three of these orphanages have already been completed in the New Rest township, located on the road between Wellington and Paarl.  These children not only give them home security, but they also get the opportunity to go to school and thus give their future a better chance.  


By varying the ages of the children, between zero and eight, they try to create a family situation. A “mother” is also appointed who is responsible for the home. She lives in this house with the children. Because of the very short lines of the organization, every euro is spent on the children. Apsa works with Marietjie Bezuidenhout, a South African social worker, who lives in Wellington. Marietjie runs NorSa, an umbrella organization that supervises the project locally.    


argo  Water polo youth

In 1968 the first strokes were swum by swimming club Argo. Back then in the outdoor pool in the “De Kienehoef” district. Unfortunately, there is no longer an outdoor pool, but an indoor pool, Swimming Pool “De Neul”.

Swimming club Argo currently has about 225 members, of which a large group participates in competitive swimming and water polo competitions in the region. Argo also offers space to swimmers who are not performance-oriented. Recreational competitions are organized for them. It is obvious that the competitive element is not completely missing here. Master swimming from the age of 21 is also very popular at Argo.

Many volunteers and sponsors are needed to keep such an association thriving. In addition to a board, Argo also has a water polo and swimming committee. These committees represent the interests of the water polo and swimming departments respectively. There is also a youth board, they ensure that all kinds of activities are organized for the youth.


The Korfrakkers  Youth korfball association Erp

De Korfrakkers say: “After one of our youth teams indicated that new tracksuits were needed, Wire Furniture came up with a good proposal. We are therefore very pleased that we have found two sponsors to give our representative teams a new look. stab.

From the start of the new field season, 6 teams can be admired in the new suits.

Intersport is the sponsor of these suits together with Wire Furniture. We would like to thank these sponsors for these great contributions to the club.”


Red Horsemen  Riding Association Sint-Oedenrode

The riding club was created in 1999 after a merger of riding club De Rooise Ruiters and pony club De Rooise Ponyruiters.

De Rooise Ruiters were founded in 1937 and the Rooise pony riders in 1972. By combining the forces of many years of experience, a solid association is created with about 110 members/donors/parents/honorary members.

The driving association has a board and various committees which ensure continuity. The location is controlled by the foundation board. The riding club's home base is De Pijnhorst riding school.

In winter there is training in the large indoor arena with 3 lanes and a cozy canteen. From April, training will take place in the outdoor area.

Wire Furniture sponsored the window decoration of the renovated canteen.


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